Top 10 mehendi designs

Mehendi is the thing which attracts almost all Indian women. It is a kind of body art from ancient India. It is made from henna leaves and is a kind of natural dye. It is also used as temporary tattoo in most of the western countries and is also an important part of out culture. Young Asian ladies adore to have mehendi connected on every single attainable occasion.

It is adored by almost every Indian women. Mehendi do not only give you a stylish look but is also a symbol of love and it also have aroma which is the main point of attraction. Mehendi is always been there in our traditions. It plays a critical role in all the ceremonies and festivals in India. In Indian weddings there is one entire ceremony dedicated to it’s celebration popularly called ‘Mehendi Ceremony’.

In a way to add glamour  there are many fresh styles or designs of mehendi coming up now a days. Usually we see lavish and convoluted mehendi designs during any wedding. So we are here with the easy mehendi design so you don’t have to worry about the ideal mehendi design. Easy mehendi designs are those designs that are overwhelming and cowl the entire hand.

In this you can see distinctive as well as easy mehendi designs for motivation. You will be infatuated with all these henna designs. Following are some simple and very easy mehendi designs for any occassion :

1. This is a very easy and stylish mehendi design for your inspiration. You can try it on your hands as well as on your foot. This is really simple mehendi design which can be made by a beginner also.

2. This is a cool jewellery style mahendi design for back hand. It is very simple and best jewellery style design which can be applied on hands, arms and foot also.

3. This is a very simple yet beautiful mehendi design for the hands which is mainly done on the thumb or index finger. It is easy but can be done for any occasion to elevate the beauty of your hands.

4. Here is a mehendi design for those who love floral pattern and also like using mehendi on feet. This simple but sweet mehendi design can be applied by anyone for any occasion. Mehendi on feet makes it more prominent. This will also be great for office goers who like to have small designs on their feet. This is very easy to try and can be applied casually.

5. This is a great mehendi design having palm flower as a result of which there is less vacant space in the middle of henna leaves, giving the entire design a masterful rangoli like interest.

6. Here is a mehendi design with this simple pattern which makes it very easy to apply. This will look adorable on everybody’s hand. You can have it as it is or you can use your creativity to make some additions to this mehendi design and make it as full fledged mehendi design as well.

7.This is a simple circle mehendi design for your feet. This a design which is great for modern women who like to mix trendy with tradition. The mehendi design is predominantly simple, yet it is so beautiful. This mehendi design is great for any occasion and will also go with ethnics.

8. This is a trendy mehendi design for beginners. A very charming flower presented in such a special and trendy style to speak to the 21st century mehendi enthusiast. This is so charming but applying it is as easy as drinking water.

9. This mehendi design is quite different from the mehendi designs which we usually accustomed to seeing. This design is simple and sweet but it a unique design which can draw attention towards your hands in any occas ion.

10. Recently using glitters and stones in mehendi design has been in trend. Glitters and stones adds some new look to the mehendi design as same old designs and color may be boring sometimes. So this is a design in which there is the use of white stones and blue stones which elevates the beauty of the mehendi design.

Finally these are the some really stunning but very easy mehendi design for beginners which we strongly recommend for all occasions. One should doubtlessly try these mehendi designs to enhance their beauty.

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