Indo Western Dresses For Engagement

Traditionally, Indian weddings are full of those heavy outfits which are sometimes uncomfortable too. But now, you don’t have to worry about it because we are having something Indian with western touch to make it look beautiful and comfortable as well. From those jackets to footwears indo western is always an amazing choice to go with. The same applies to your engagement dress, engagement does not demand those heavy outfits so you can have something light and amazing like indo western dresses. Following are some popular and trendy indo western designs:

Saree gown: Sari is the traditional and beautiful Indian garment. But, everybody is not capable of handling it well. These saree gowns are perfect for you if you love to wear saree with those plattings and pinning. They are ready to wear sarees and you don’t have to worry about how to wear. They are really stunning and beautiful making it perfect for your engagement. If you have a love for sarees, then this saree with western touch is always the best option for you.

Lehenga with floor length jacket: If you have a special place for lehenga in your heart and want to have it on your engagement then this one with the floor length jacket is the perfect choice for you. It is a simple lehenga with an adorable jacket of full length on it which gives it a western touch enhancing the beauty of your lehenga and making it more attractive and adorable to wear on your special occasion.

Peplum gown: They are the best choice for your engagement dress. You have to take an embroidered top and matching beachy waves for it. They give you that feminine structure and are adorable. They are a perfect fit to an outdoor engagement ceremony. Have embroidered sleeves for a beautiful look.

With ponchos: Ponchos give it a super hot look. You can have ponchos with your lehenga or gown whatever you want to wear to give it a western twist in order to make it eye-catching. You can also have your dupatta stitched into a poncho. Definitely, this is a unique dress especially for your engagement ceremony enhancing the beauty of you on your most awaited occasion.

Cape Sarees: Saree is the best outfit for any occasion and has never been out of trend. You can have it on your engagement with a cape to give it a western twist and make it more attractive than usual. This saree with cape is the best option for you if you are looking for into western dress for your engagement ceremony. Nowadays, they are in trend giving you stunning look on your unforgettable day of engagement.

Tunics: Long tunics are in trend nowadays. If you have not shed that extra weight then these long tunics are the best outfit for you. You must try it as they are fashionable yet simple to wear. You can have them paired with palazzos, long skirts or lehengas. If you love to be simple and classy then long tunics are the best match for you. You can accessorize your hair with chain headbands to enhance the beauty of outfit.

Dhotis: Dhoti outfits are super trendy nowadays. They appeared in runway collection from past two years. If you want to have something unique on your engagement and match the trend then go for these impressive dhoti outfits. You can also have dhoti gowns to give it a classy way. These dhotis redefine the modern girl. You can pair them with those stunning pair of heals and heavy drop earrings to give it an amazing look.

Lehenga Blouses: They are best among all Indo western dresses. Just wear that traditional Indian Lehenga with a western style top. It would be great to go with crop tops for a perfect pair. If you don’t want to go with crop tops, then you can have cold shoulder paired with it. There are also other choices like metallic tops or one sleeved top to go with. They will look awesome with your traditional lehenga and give it a modern touch.

Above are some selected designs especially for engagement that are super trendy and are really amazing. Just try the one which perfectly meets your demand for your most important occasion of engagement.

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