Significance of haldi ceremony in Indian wedding

Haldi or turmeric holds a very special place of honor in our Indian culture. Haldi does hold healing properties due to which it has become popular as medicinal purpose as well. Haldi is also being used for coloring as it can give away a very pleasant yellow color. It is also having phenomenal importance in Indian kitchens and rituals. It is not just used to give taste and color to the food but it does have significant religious importance. This ingredient is also used while worshiping god and it is believed that it will help to make him happy.

Indian weddings consist of many rituals and ceremonies which are known to have a lot of importance in our traditions. Now that one area where it holds the most important place i.e. in Indian weddings. This ingredient has an entire ceremony in an Indian wedding usually known as ‘Haldi Ceremony’, also known as Tel Baan or Manjha ceremony. The ancient text says that there is an important sign of every ceremony or ritual taking place at an Indian wedding. So here we have a haldi ceremony in limelight.

Rituals of haldi ceremony :

In haldi ceremony paste of haldi is applied all over the body of the bride as well as groom. This is held on both places, brides and grooms. Usually, this ceremony is held a day before the wedding. It has different names given by different regions like ubtan, mandha etc . Firstly a paste of haldi and different ingredients is made according to the individual family customs. Some people use sandalwood powder and milk while others use rose water. After making the paste it is applied on the bride’s and groom’s face, neck, hands, and feet by their loved ones. Some people arrange traditional dances and songs at times in order to accompany this ceremony. According to our culture if this paste is touched by any friend or sibling of the bride or groom they will find the best life partner soon.

Reasons for haldi to be important :

  • For glowing skin : In ancient time there were no cosmetic beauty treatments available, Indians was having their natural beauty secret in order to elevate the beauty of bride and groom on their wedding. Haldi is considered as a natural beauty agent which gives a glowing and nourished skin.
  • To defend Evil Eye (buri nazar) : In India people believe that when someone looks so adorable then their beauty attracts the evil and on the day of wedding bride and groom do have that pleasant beauty in them. So in order to protect them from the evil eye we use haldi as a protection.
  • As an disinfectant : As we know that haldi is also known for it’s medicinal properties as well. This property of haldi before marriage would ensure that bride and groom is protected against any cuts, bruises or ailments  before their wedding.
  • Take away pre-wedding anxiety : We are aware of the above mentioned roles of haldi but most of the people don’t know about this fact that haldi also reduces that pre-wedding jitters. There is an antioxidant called Curcumin present in turmeric which is known to be an anti-depressant and drives away headache as well.

  • Boosts immunity : Haldi is also known to boost one’s immunity. Apart from immunity it also helps in soothing an upset stomach.
  • To stay blessed : It is considered that haldi is a symbol of blessing and is used in indian wedding in order to bless the couple and lead a healthy martial life ahead. Haldi also plays a very important role in worshiping god. This is why haldi is used in wedding to bless the groom and bride as well as their upcoming life.

This haldi ceremony is celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness as other wedding ceremonies.These are the reasons known to us maybe there are a lot more reasons as this ingredient is holding a very auspicious place in our traditions. We can say that due to above mentioned reasons haldi is having an important place in our indian weddings as well as in our indian culture.

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