Top 7 Mandap Ideas for 2019

We all are aware of the fact that pheras ritual is the most heart touching and important ritual in Indian weddings. Everyone wants to make it and capture it in such a beautiful way because this is the life-changing moment. Especially in India, this is the most awaited moment in everyone’s life. So, to make it special and to have it captured in an adorable way we are here with some really amazing and beautiful mandap designs for a lovely wedding:

The Reflection: This mandap at lakeside in Alibaugh, near Mumbai, is one of the best mandaps for the wedding. The streamers in the background give it a charming finish and the stunning arrangement from the roof with flowers fills it with a lot of colors. But, the best effect is added by the reflection of this eye-catching mandap over the pool. You can have your mandap designed in this way to make it the most memorable and beautiful moment for your lifetime.

Royalty: If you are a kind of person who is influenced by the luxury and royalty, then this one is surely the best design for your mandap and will perfectly suit you. It will go with your royal theme wedding. Ditch those mainstream floral decor ideas and go with the sixteenth-century pillar style design for your mandap to give it a royal look. Make everything classic i.e. try to add classic flower strings, silk drapes, a splash of colors and pillars. If you have that old chandelier then, make it a part of your design.

Dreamy mandap: This is the mandap on the white sand where romantic meets dreamy. It is a beautiful mandap inspired by all things pastel and pretty. The drapes of white, peach and light pink are beautifully coordinated in such a way that they fit perfectly with that square roof pinned with the floral arrangements. White pillars give it a classy look and enhance the beauty of the mandap design.

A fairytale mandap: If you are a magic-loving person and want to have a fairytale style wedding theme then this mandap design is best for you. Without this design, your fairytale mandap isn’t complete where you take your vows. Almost every mandap is full of floral decors but not every design is magical and ethereal like this one. A ceiling full of oozing fragrance, charm and your favorite exotic flowers would be a perfect blend to make your mandapa fairytale mandap.

Majestic mandap: This is the one specially designed for destination weddings. Its majestic contrasts spell elegance and extravagance. This design is the perfect blend of the trio of amazing teal canopies which are supported by the pillars with floral arrangements of exotic peach, pink and red flowers. It also includes those crystal danglers which are swaying in the breeze adds a bright spark to a sunset wedding.

Vintage Design: If you want to go with the vintage theme for your wedding then go with this vintage style mandap design. Include contemporary shades and colors like peach, nude, white, green. You just need a subtle color palette and a minimalist design to give the perfect look to your mandap design. This is the simple but beautiful design for your rustic, vintage charm wedding theme.

Floral: This floral fantasy mandap is studded with swirls of heliconia over every table and exotic red anthurium blooms. This is the best design for your indoor mandap. This can definitely turn your wedding hall or ballrooms into an adorable place for the wedding. Go for it, if you are in love that floral decors.

We have selected really stunning and beautiful designs for your wedding from hundreds of options. You don’t have to worry about your beautiful occasion, just have a look and decide the one which is perfect for you and your partner.

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